About Very Simple Designs

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VSD is a small creative studio working in the creative design and web development industry.



Predominately a systems engineer, his main role includes but is not limited to adding web site functionality, installing new aspects to help promote new and existing site features, and ensuring the site stays alive and running. But at the same time he is part of the designer team who work on the free graphics section and is partly responsible for providing the users with high quality vector designs, brushes, tutorials, discussions and other related items.


The sites web developer, a woman of many talents and skills. She helps develop the web site code and is responsible for anything related to programming languages. Her wide spanning knowledge of many graphical techniques and applications enables her to bring to our members a heterogeneous amalgam of both technology and technique to produce what will hopefully be a professional and crisp design solution to many of your every day needs.


Guest writers

Brodie (aka BDT466)

Brodie is a guest writer for VSD, he writes tutorials by day and is a ninja come nightfall. An aspiring graphic designer interested in teaching others the fundamentals of Inkscape with the little knowledge at his fingertips. One can normally find him writing tutorials or scouting deviantART for wonderful and inspiring art and the respective creators."

Together this small team of professional enthusiasts strive to cater to all walks of graphical life and help enhance your skills and expertise to make each of us a better and surer designer.

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We are very proud that the Spiro Swirls Tutorial for Inkscape has gained such popularity.

Today, 28 January 2012,  over 140,000 viewers have visited this page and our statistics show that it is still the most popular tutorial on this site. This tutorial is suitable for Inkscape version 0.47 and 0.48.

Thank you all for viewing and providing feedback. We do our best to make this site the best beginner resource site for Inkscape.

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