What's going on?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010 00:00

Hi everyone! I just opened up the pending comments this morning and felt really bad about those of you that took effort to post feedback and put in questions and me not responding.  In my last update I wrote that I had a tad less time to spend on VSD - but it seems that it has almost come to a stand-still. That is not what I intended and some extra time is scheduled to keep add new stuff to the site.

I have been working on a few tutorials - and I even uploaded the raw materials - but I have not combined the pictures and the instructions yet. There will be a day that I come to that - really :D

In the mean time things move forward.. Inkscape 0.48 is about to be released and I am really excited about that! There will be a new spray can tool - similar to the nozzle tool in some other vector editors, and the node editor had a good overhaul. Keep an eye out for this release as you really want to upgrade.

In the mean time if you have comments, questions and/or suggestions - please feel free to add comments to our articles, use the contact form or sign up to the forums - they are still very quiet but we do check them daily. 

Enjoy your visit to the site - happy Inkscaping.

Cheers, Syllie



0 # Guest 2010-07-21 04:14
Looking forward to more great stuff, Syllie!
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0 # Guest 2010-08-24 23:16
I really love your tuts, Syllie... they taught me so much. I just downloaded Inkscape .48 and I look forward to using. Hoping to see some more wonderful work from you here as well. Thank you!
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0 # Brenda 2010-11-01 00:39
I am kind of new to inkscape and really enjoyed your tut on the sequin. It was so easy to follow and I am looking forward to seeing more. I do have a suggestion on one I would like to see and that is one how to make glitter. I have recently downloaded 0.48 and really want to crack down and learn this program. Thanks so much
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Folks! We are very excited to annouce the launch of our new site - Very Simple Designs.

The main focus of Very Simple Designs is to provide digital resources that can be used for print and web design. While we fill the site to the brim with our professionally created vector stock, patterns and textures as well as brushes for Photoshop and Paintshop Pro, we offer everything free for personal use.