Seamless Patterns Tutorial Published

Sunday, 07 March 2010 00:00

It took quite some work to finalize the tutorial on creating seamless patterns in Inkscape, but today is the day :). I wrote the basis for this tutorial a while ago, but was not too happy with it and decided not to publish it. Until the day I received an e-mail from Will with a request for a tutorial about seamless pattern creation. He had to wait a while for the result, but after some fine-tuning and testing it is now available for all of you.

I have started on a new tutorial to explain how Inkscape can be used for colour separation in support to stencil preparation for silkscreen printing. That will take a few days to complete. Also upcoming is a tutorial on retro style character creation - so stay tuned.

In the next few days I will also spend some time on the new forums. The place is still very empty and very quiet, and that needs to change. If you have questions about stuff on the site or just want to request a tutorial or show-off your designs, feel free to sign up and introduce yourselves. I will post some work in progress soon. To prevent unlimited spam, the forums are moderated and posts by new users are approved manually. This means that it may take a few hours before your post appears but please do not let that stop you from posting :D.

Please follow us on Twitter to stay updated. I promise it is a low spam channel.

Cheers, Syllie



We are very proud that the Spiro Swirls Tutorial for Inkscape has gained such popularity.

Today, 28 January 2012,  over 140,000 viewers have visited this page and our statistics show that it is still the most popular tutorial on this site. This tutorial is suitable for Inkscape version 0.47 and 0.48.

Thank you all for viewing and providing feedback. We do our best to make this site the best beginner resource site for Inkscape.