Dr Who Wallpaper

Thursday, 08 April 2010 21:23

vsd_wallpaper_DrWho200x150I recently met a few people that are Dr Who fanatics who introduced me to a whole plethora of Dr Who spin offs I never knew existed. This got me to thinking about making one of those cool space scenes I sometimes see with a Worm Hole style space anomaly.

So I got my trusty Photoshop out and started to mess about making a space scene using a few filters. This is the first time I have tried to make anything like this, and with a lot of layering, blending and filters I managed to get the effect I wanted. I added a Tardis with some motion blur effect and some clouds render to get the nice coloured cloud affect you see in those radio images NASA tends to pump out.

I hope you like my very first attempt at making such a design, and for your convenience I have made the Dr Who wallpaper available for free download for most aspect ratio's.

Syllie is madly working away at too many projects to mention (some not related directly to the site), however she should manage to get a tutorial or 2 on the site soon. Please visit back here soon to check for updates she may have made to the site.



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