Finally! I've added a new tut...

Sunday, 07 August 2011 16:56

vsd_countryshading_filter_previewHi all!

vsd_country_prim_girl_200x200I am glad to tell you that we've finally added a new freebie and accompanying tutorial to the site. It is a brief introduction on how to copy style and filter attributes between objects and how to add custom filters to your Inkscape install.

Several months ago I created a cute country prim style illustration and I made some custom filters to achieve the specific shading effects. I have made these filters available as freebie and also included a quick tut on how to install and use them.

I also made a cute design with these filters and the tutorial for this Country Cutie is now also published.

We are of course all waiting on the release of Inkscape 0.48.2 - which as far as I understand has been build, but not been formally announced as released. It is good to know that the developers are talking about the 0.49 release too which soon should go in the freeze phase for features and then as usual the bug hunt will start.



Folks! We are very excited to annouce the launch of our new site - Very Simple Designs.

The main focus of Very Simple Designs is to provide digital resources that can be used for print and web design. While we fill the site to the brim with our professionally created vector stock, patterns and textures as well as brushes for Photoshop and Paintshop Pro, we offer everything free for personal use.